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Oiling a maple wood floor: the right and the wrong techniques

Oiling a maple wood floor

Maple wood -one of the most valued for its durability- brings life to any decor thanks to its elegance. Several types of maple are used for flooring, such as: Pennsylvania, silver, red, and sugar maple. Regardless of the species, a maple wood floor may last several years! This is why it is worth caring and protecting. This article will teach you the right technique to oil a maple wood floor.


Maple wood floor the wrong application technique

Since maple wood has a dense grain, a common technique is to soak it with water before staining it. Some believe this method allows the oil to be better absorbed and give a darker colour. However, this is the first mistake to avoid making; We will explain why a little later in this text. The second false move consists in merely sanding the maple wood planks using 100 or 120 grain paper. Finally, the third fatal error is to apply only two coats of oil.


The combination of these three mistakes reduces the protection of the maple wood floor. Indeed, applying only two coats of oil, soaking the wood with water and choosing a coarse grain make the oil penetrate too deep in the wood. It is only a few tenths of a millimetre surplus but they make the whole difference. The oil has then penetrated too deep and the surface is not saturated with the product, so it is not protected. Some water can stay at the surface and produce stains. What is the solution to protect your maple wood floor? First, do not use any of these three methods or, if you want to darken the colour, use only one of these. Secondly, read the following part that will teach you the best technique to apply oil on maple wood.


To sum up, you should avoid...

...soaking the wood with water

...merely using 100 or 120 grain paper

...applying only two coats of oil


Maple wood floor: the right application technique

In order to preserve or restore your maple wood floor, you must perform progressive sanding up to 150 grain. Using a finer grain will prevent the oil from penetrating too deeply. For better protection, apply three coats of oil. The third coat will ensure soaking the wood.


If you follow these recommendations, your maple wood floor will be perfectly protected against stains or any other signs of wear. Unlike other finishing products, oil allows the wood to breathe while enhancing the natural beauty of maple.


In short, what you should do...

...progressively sand up to 150 grain

...apply three coats of oil

...if you soak the wood with water to darken the colour, make sure to saturate the surface by adding extra coats of oil.


Using the right application technique will ensure keeping your maple wood floor intact for years! Improve your oil application methods by attending a free training session nearby.


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Friday, 20 September 2019


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