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What Products Best Protect Barn Wood?

Barn wood

When renovating, we are constantly looking for new ideas. Barn wood is a trend material that will add a rustic element to your decor! To create an old-fashioned look, all you have to do is find or make some furniture using barn wood, no matter what it is: a bed head, a bed-side table, cabinets or frames. The only problem is that it is difficult to treat because its unique colour - which is the looked for element may easily change. This is why some products protect barn wood better than others.

Liquid wax is to be banned

If one product must be banned on barn wood, it is liquid wax. These products stain the wood and alter its colour. Applying liquid wax to barn wood will make it darker. The wood will lose its characteristic grey colour that produces the rustic look.



Oil to protect barn wood

Oil is the best product to protect wood from wearing. By penetrating the wood fiber, it highlights the wood. The only snag is that oil asters the original wood colour. It makes it more earth-looking, which is not that bad. It can harmonize perfectly with the look wanted. As a wood protecting element, oil is one of the healthiest and most environmentally friendly options. Before choosing your oil-based product, consider where your barn wood item will be placed. If it is to be used in a humid room, choose a water-repellent finish oil.


Solid wax to preserve the grey colour

To protect barn wood and preserve its colour, opt for solid wax, such as microcrystalline wax. The latter has been especially designed by restoration experts. They wanted to create a wax that would not alter the fibers of historic furniture or collectibles. Solid wax is totally colourless. So it is the perfect product to preserve the grey colour of barn wood. However it also has some shortcomings: It is harder to apply: it calls for several applications and longer drying time. For people who worry about environment protection, microcrystalline wax is not the best option since it is obtained by refining petroleum. But there are some more natural solid waxes that are health and environment safe. Solid wax is also very fragile. It will not be as resistent on frequently used surfaces, such as a bedside table. Otherwise, solid wax is a good option.


To sum up, oil and solid wax are the best two types of products that best suit barn wood. The choice will depend on the style wanted, the colour desired, the protection needed and your environmental values. To know more about the various products for indoor wood surfaces, consult our comparative guide.


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Friday, 20 September 2019


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