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Privacy Policy

This policy covers personal customer information we collect in Canada and USA on Website.

Personal information is information that identifies, or could be reasonably associated with you. The personal information we collect may include contact and payment information like your name, email and physical addresses, phone numbers as well as information about the specific products that you purchase in our online stores (including through our mobile app).

No information about credit card (including credit card expiration date and CVV code) is collected through website but transact though secured payment. Payment information is transmitted to Beanstream via SSL and all PCI standards are respected.

The respect of privacy with LIVOS Canada and its retailers

There may be privacy issues emerging as a result of an exchange of information regarding a LIVOS Canada retailer. In these cases, these questions should be directed to the LIVOS Retail Customer Service you visited.

Privacy enquiries regarding LIVOS CANADA's retailers should first be directed to LIVOS Canada’s retailer Customer Service in the store you visited. Other enquiries about LIVOS CANADA's privacy policy and procedures may be directed to LIVOS CANADA's Privacy Officer, who can be reached at 1-877-909-3123 or at 20, Route Goulet, Proulxville, Quebec, G0X 2B0.

Collection and use of personal information

We collect personal information about you to deliver the products and services you request, to promote products and services that we believe you will be interested in, and to help improve your shopping experience. We may collect personal information from you when you:

- Make an online purchase on;

- Return or exchange any of our products and services;

- Request a quote or special orders for or information about any of our products and services;

- Contact LIVOS CANADA Customer Service;

- Enter into a contest or respond to one of our surveys;

- Provide us with comments or suggestions.

- Submit a Livos Canada related story, testimonial, rating or review, or other usergenerated content that may be posted on the site;

- Participate in a contest, sweepstake, promotion, or survey;

- Otherwise submit personal information to us along with any related content of the communication.

LIVOS CANADA use of personal information

LIVOS CANADA uses your information to offer and provide our products and services and to support our core business functions. These include order or service fulfillment and delivery, internal business processes, marketing (including targeted advertising), authentication, and legal functions such as loss and fraud prevention. LIVOS CANADA may use personal information to:

- Identify customers, employees and suppliers and to establish and maintain a relationship with them;

- Provide customers with ongoing service, including to process orders, to ensure proper delivery and to better assist customers when they visit our stores, call us or visit or make complete transactions on;

- To help us improve and customize our service offerings, websites, and advertising;

- Provide LIVOS CANADA customers with information about other LIVOS CANADA products and services that may be of interest to them;

- To provide customer service and alert you to product information;

- Protect against error and fraud; and

- Comply with legal and audit requirements.

To accomplish these purposes, we may combine personal and other information we collect online or through our mobile app with offline information. LIVOS CANADA may also use personal information to create statistics about our company. These statistics do not contain any information that could personally identify any individual customer, employee or supplier.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

LIVOS CANADA will not trade, rent or sell your personal information to any third party and this, at any time. LIVOS CANADA will however communicate any personal information to its affiliate judged useful in order to deliver your goods.

Individual access, correction and withdrawal of consent of personal information

An individual may update or correct any of their personal information that LIVOS CANADA has in its possession by contacting the Customer Service. Individuals may also withdraw their consent to LIVOS CANADA's use or disclosure of their personal information by contacting the Customer Service, who can be reached at 1 877-909-3123 or at 20, Route Goulet, Proulxville, Quebec, G0X 2B0 and making a written request. In order to verify that the information is being released to the proper person, individuals may be asked to provide suitable identification or to otherwise identify themselves. In some circumstances, the withdrawal of consent to certain uses or disclosures of personal information may mean that LIVOS CANADA is no longer able to provide certain products or services to the individual or may be unable to process returns, exchanges or refunds. If this is the case, LIVOS CANADA will inform you when you contact us to withdraw your consent and give you the choice.

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