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5 Benefits of Using Tung Oil to Protect Your Wooden Patio


Have you ever wondered what was the content of your outdoor finishing product? How can we make the right choice if we do not know what we are buying? At Livos, we declare the full list of our raw materials so that you can make educated choices and be confident toward what you buy.

Looking at the natural oil ALIS 579 and DONNOS 223 data sheets, you will notice the presence of wood oil commonly called tung oil.

Tung oil is also called China wood oil because it is in China that we first track it. In the Chinese Song Dynasty, it was used in particular as a water-repellent product for boats(1).

(1) Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, Anne Walthall, James B. Palais (2006). East Asia: A Cultural, Social, and Political History. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN 0-618-13384-4. P. 133.

Tung oil, added to linseed oil, gives exterior finishes several benefits to protect your wood patio as well as other projects such as exterior wooden pools and other exterior cladding on the house and shed.

Here is a summary of its benefits:

- Easy to apply

- Safe for health

- Enriched appearance of wood

- Tenacious against mechanical and chemical stress

- Easy to maintain


Ease the protection of your wooden deck

When linseed oil and solvents are added to the abrasive oil, it becomes very easy to apply because it penetrate well the wood of your deck. In addition, the abrasive oil forms an impermeable layer while allowing the wood to breathe. The application is easy and spread the layer evenly is just as easy. Tung oil thus gives the external finishing products certain flexibility.


Protecting your deck and your health

The disadvantage of pure tung oil is that it must be applied in very large numbers of very thin layers (6-8), as it does not penetrate well the pores of the wood of your deck or your swimming pool deck. For example, if pure oil is harmless to health, many companies mix it with solvents such as turpentine, naphtha or xylene, which are toxic or very toxic. At Livos, we are proud to offer to our customer a very low toxicity solvent! At the exception of the contact between the liquid solvent and lungs, it does not have allergic reaction with the skin and does not induce headache when inhaled.

Enrich the finish of its wooden deck

When it comes to exterior wood oil, whether tung oil or linseed oil, these oils all have the property of enhancing the grain of the wood. An added benefit of tung oil is that it does not yellow and will therefore keep the colour of your wooden deck more stable over time.

Tung oil, tenacious against many things

Tung oil is used in many outdoor finishing products. Once polymerized, this oil has fascinating qualities. When the surface of your wooden patio has been well prepared by high-quality sanding, the oil molecules do not just bind to each other, but also bind directly to your exterior flooring. Well-maintained, the tung oil layer can resist water, other aggressive products like alcohol, acetone and, to some extent chlorine from your outdoor pool. Flexible, it adjusts to the expansion and contraction of your wooden deck during winter. Moreover, tung oil does not rancid and does not rot.

Enjoying our swimming pool rather than maintaining wooden patio

When it comes to its pool deck, everyone prefers to relax on it rather than maintain it. This is why easy maintenance of tung oil is good to know since its successive layers are compatible on one another. You just need to clean the accumulated dirt and return to the oil finish for sanding free maintenance.

At Livos, transparency, human health, product quality and sustainable economy have been deep down values ​​for decades. Tung oil, present in the products ALIS 579 and DONNOS 223, corroborates these values. Indeed, this oil has inspired confidence for millennia, is safe for human health, is a quality product and is perfectly fit in the sustainable economy development.

Do you have an opinion about tung oil? We would like to hear it from you!


If you are looking for a finishing product to protect your wooden patio, download our ultimate guide for a perfect protection of your exterior wooden surfaces. 


5 Benefits of Using Tung Oil to Protect Your Woode...
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Tuesday, 19 November 2019


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