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3 mistakes to avoid when applying oil on your red pine wood floor

Red pine wood is a very popular material because of its low cost. To preserve a new red pine floor, oil is an excellent option. But if your floor has already been protected by varnish and if you want to oil it, you must first go through a few steps. No matter the case, thanks to this article, you will be able to avoid common mistakes linked to sanding and applying oil on red pine wood.

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What is The Best Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

There are many homemade cleaning products for nearly everything, even for your wooden floor. A natural hardwood floor cleaner can be a good solution if you want to avoid bringing toxic chemicals in your house. You can clean your wooden floor with homemade products or natural commercial products. Here are some popular options you can use to naturally clean your hardwood floor and why it’s best to go with the most ecological one.

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Which Product to Use on Oak Flooring?

Oak flooring is known for its ability to withstand the test of time. But, you still have to protect oak flooring with the right product. Here’s an overview of some of oak flooring attributes and the most effective products to use on your beautiful oak flooring.

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Is A Natural Oil Finish Right For Your Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors are one of the more popular choices for floor surfaces in homes these days, and it’s not hard to see why. The very distinct, warm look of hardwood gives homes a much friendlier, more “homey” look and feel. The texture is also pleasant as well, and, unlike stone or tile, tends to feel much warmer to exposed feet.


But there’s one decision homeowners need to make about how to protect their hardwood floors. This boils down to one of two choices; oil or varnish. We’re going to explain what the hardwood oil floor choice is, and why you might want to consider this.

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Recent Comments
Marc-André, Ph. D
Hi William, For the exterior floor, we recommend you use the Decking oil Alis 579. Have a great day!... Read More
Monday, 29 October 2018 06:57
Marc-André, Ph. D
Thank you bathroom remodel. Yep, one step at a time is a good piece of advice. Have a great day!
Friday, 23 November 2018 14:47

3 Essential Steps To Restore An Old Ancestral Floor

When you live in an older home, especially one with historical significance, everything about it is a testament to history and character. The way the stairs have been constructed, the stained glass that may be on the windows, even the unique shape of the windows themselves are all going to be unlike anything that you find in a modern home, with factory-standardized parts.


And even though not many people think about it, because it’s under them and not around them, the same is true of the floor. When you have an old, ancestral floor, you don’t just have a wooden surface that you walk on. You have history, cachet, and a unique style of construction that just isn’t done this way anymore. If you want to preserve that type of traditional craftsmanship, there is some extra care that needs to be taken. The results, however, are worth it, and you can continue to maintain the memory, history, and distinctiveness of your ancestral floor if it’s wooden, oiled, and you follow our tips.

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Great Treatment Options for Wooden Pallet Floors

When it comes to wood flooring, more and more DIY’ers are turning to wood pallets as their material of choice.


Pallet wood flooring makes a wonderful option for both aesthetics and durability, but there is more to it than simply tearing apart some wooden pallets and laying them down. Pallet wood flooring is ideal for cottages, chalets, backyard decks, basements, kitchen floors, or even the floor of a pontoon.


However, without the right pallet wood treatment, you may end up with a host of problems that threaten your flooring project and require you to tear it up and start over.


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How to prepare a yellow birch floor for best results and maximum durability?

If you are a handyman in the least, you may be tempted to sand your yellow birch floor by yourself. Although it is recommended to call on a professional or make sure you are skilled enough for this kind of operation, doing it yourself is not impossible and can save a substantial amount of money. If you have decided to take on this adventure, follow these guidelines...

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Livos linseed oil for wood: an eco-friendly product with an impressive covering power!

Do you know Livos United States? It is a company that started its activities in 2004 through Ghislain Lebel, a cabinetmaker from Canada. Prior to 2004, Mr. Lebel mainly manufactured AVIVIA kitchen cabinets in St-Séverin de Proulxville near the famous Western Festival of St-Tite.

Disgusted by polyurethanes and other toxic lacquers commonly used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, Mr. Lebel saw that the containers of these hazardous products were accumulating in his factory. Moreover, although the safety rules were strictly respected and the employees were wearing a mask to work, the atmosphere was very harmful and the smell highly unpleasant. One day, Mr. Lebel decided that he no longer wanted to offer his employees this highly carcinogenic environment neither did he wanted those hard to recycle residues.

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How to clean and maintain your oiled floor?

It's a fact; large surface cleaning products kill your oiled floor!


The maintenance of oiled floors requires cleaning products designed... for oiled floors. Failure to do so will result in a reduction in their lifespan.


Think about it. Most cleaning products act as powerful degreasers. Difficult for an oil finish!

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Recent Comments
Marc-André, Ph. D
You're welcomed Angela Pullman!
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 08:55
Marc-André, Ph. D
You're welcomed Floor Master!
Monday, 18 June 2018 08:18
Marc-André, Ph. D
Thank you very much Milana. Good maintenance of the floor makes it to last longer. That's very important for a sustainable product... Read More
Tuesday, 14 August 2018 12:16


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