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How To Protect Your Bamboo Kitchen Countertop

If you own or are thinking of getting a bamboo countertop installed in your kitchen, you’re making a great, distinctive choice! Bamboo wood is a rising star for wooden surfaces because it is ecologically sound. Not only is it a robust, versatile wood, its tropical roots mean that it is one of the most renewable wood sources on the planet thanks to how quickly it grows. If you’re interested in protecting it—or even restoring an old one—we can help make it a successful project!!

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How to prepare a yellow birch floor for best results and maximum durability?

If you are a handyman in the least, you may be tempted to sand your yellow birch floor by yourself. Although it is recommended to call on a professional or make sure you are skilled enough for this kind of operation, doing it yourself is not impossible and can save a substantial amount of money. If you have decided to take on this adventure, follow these guidelines...

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