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Can Kunos products be applied inside furniture or on veneer and pressed wood?

Pressed wood

On Kunos labels, can be seen a warning indicating that the oil used to treat wood should not be used on veneer, pressed wood or inside furniture. Here is why this warning does not apply in North America.

Where does this warning come from?

After some experiments, the Livos department of research and development noticed that unlike stated in the warning, Kunos oil suits veneer, pressed wood and the inside of furniture just the same. The warning has been added to the product because Kunos oil reacted to the German glue and caused the parts to come apart. Now this glue is not in use to assemble veneering in North America. So the warning does not apply since there is no unsticking taking place.


What are the differences in the case of veneering, pressed wood and the inside of furniture?

As for the interior of cabinets, we have noticed slight differences in the application. Kunos wood treating oil takes a longer time to dry and the smell of flax oil lasts longer. This can be solved by leaving the cabinet doors open while the product is hardening.


As for veneer or pressed wood, Kunos products do not cause any problems. Pressed wood resembles veneer. The oil can be applied the same way on both. Here is the procedure to follow to apply Kunos oil on any indoor wood surface: progressive sanding to 180 grain, one to three coats applied using a cotton mesh, a paintbrush or a gun, and wiping off the exceeding oil using a dry clean cloth.


Does a warranty apply?

Livos United States has issued a document that states that Kunos products are safe, and efficient on the veneer found in stores, on pressed wood and inside furniture. This certifies that you can take advantage of all the qualities of Kunos oil without worrying about the warning.


Finishing oils for wooden furniture are appreciated by professionals and amateurs as well. Users testify to its high coverage ability and its natural finish. Besides, you do not have to worry about stains: they are stain resistant.


The fact that retailers rely on the warning may lead to doubts and confusion. However, you can now use Kunos oil on verneer, pressed wood or inside furniture. To know more about the application techniques of outdoor and indoor oils, you may join a Livos training session offered near you!


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Monday, 14 October 2019


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