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Livos: the Ecological Wood Finishing Oil


Nowadays health and environment are two major concerns. This is why, when considering choosing a finishing product, natural ecological products should be favored. Did you know that Livos' flax-based oils are the most efficient ecological substitute for acrylic or urethane-based varnishes or traditional oil stains?


Because they care about using ecologically friendly products, a lot of people and companies will rather invest in ecological oils that do not contain harmful toxic chemicals than in the varnishes or other products available on the market. Livos' oils have been created out of such values and concern. Livos is indeed the first industrial producer of natural paints around the world. In this article you will find out why these oils meet the highest health and environment standards. 


Flaxseed oil as the main component 

027-Ecological finishing oil Livos-2.jpgLivos counts on natural vegetable substances to designboth healthy and efficient oils aimed at protecting, maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of wood. Livos products are mainly made of flaxseed oil, dammar gum and a highly pure non toxic isoaliphatic solvent. If you care for transparency, let us tell you that a complete list of the ingredients is labelled on each of our products. We believe it does matter to know what is in the products we use.


What sets Livos apart from other products on the market

Unlike other products on the market, Livos products are safe for health and the volatile organic components (COV) they contain are not toxic. Have you ever wondered what your finishing products are made of? Quite a lot of products for sale contain chemicals, toxic and even carcinogenic products…


Biodegradable natural ecological oils

Made out of plants and natural materials, Livos oils are designed to be ecological and safe.This means no strong smell; rather a pleasant scent. So you do not have to wear a mask when you apply them or leave your house because of nauseating smell or toxic fumes. Moreover Livos products are all biodegradable. They are also safe for the environment as well as for humans and animals.


A lasting choice

Livos products have been designed to be both natural and ecological without neglecting their performance. Indeed Livos counts on oils that have a very high covering power and are easy to apply. So the impregnation rate being higher than that of varnish or wax, the  oils deeply penetrate the wood and greatly protect it from stains, moisture, water, fungus and other wood altering factors. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, two lines of high-performance products Alis and Kunos have been developed to be both efficient and long-lasting. All our products have been tested to insure top quality. 


For more details, here is a guide that compares the performance of Livos oils to that of other products on the market.

Livos: the Ecological Wood Finishing Oil
Livos' story: Back to our roots

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019


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