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Painting your kitchen wood cabinets... Is this a good idea?


You might be tempted to paint your wood cabinets for a change or to make them more fashionable. Although it is possible and easy to do, you should be aware of the pros and cons of this decision.


Of course, painting its wood kitchen cabinets is an efficient way to create a new look at a lower cost. This will not only change the look of the cabinets, but of the kitchen as well. However what are the points you should consider in order to make an enlightened decision?


1. Painting kitchen cabinets...a permanent change?

Once the wood painted, it will be impossible for you to go back without having to scrape it all off. This calls for considerable time and energy! Because of the changing trends, chances are you may get tired of a style or a trend. Wood, which is timeless, will still fit in 50 years from now. Before taking on such a project, you have to consider its long-term consequences.


2. The real value lies in wood.

Unlike other materials, such as melamine or false laminated wood, real wood definitely has a higher value. Wood cabinets increase the value of a kitchen because of its rich warm look, its quality and resistance. So even if your cabinets may have seemed out of fashion in the past twenty years when considering the “trends”, their value still has not decreased! Choosing to cover wood cabinets with paint means reducing the value of your cabinets by hiding it under the paint.


3. Long-time resistance

In frequently used spaces such as a kitchen, you can hardly keep the paint from wearing away prematurely. Paint is really not as resistant as wood; it will scratch easily. So you are in for frequent touch-ups.


4. Why natural oil rather than paint?

If you use water paint on your cabinets, your work may not look as professional. The roller or paintbrush work will show. For the application, a paintgun is better. Another factor: the wood grain will be seen. Although painted cabinets may be nice, they cannot be completely smooth. If the wood grain is visible, grooves may be seen through the paint.


If you really want to change the colour of your kitchen cabinets, we recommend that you use ecological wood oil which can stain, treat and protect the wood. Oiling wood is very easy and does not require specific tools or equipment. Another interesting feature is that you can control the finish depending on the application method. In addition, if you consider human health, oil is non toxic, unlike most products on the market. If you want to stain wood, you can choose from a wide variety of colours. Contrary to what is said, oil does not impregnate the wood that deep. If you want to change colours or go back to the original colour, it is possible to do it by sanding. The maintenance is also easier: all you have to do is oil again if touch-ups are needed.


If you still want to paint your kitchen cabinets, we suggest that you consult a professional paint dealer or specialized hardware store. For better chances of success, take a cabinet door with you in order to get specific advice based on the type of wood.


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Tuesday, 15 October 2019


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