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Protect your patio, the Livos difference of a wood stain!

Protect your patio, the Livos difference of a wood stain!

It's been awhile since you are looking for the best stain for your patio. You have evaluated many of them and come to this obvious conclusion... you can apply only one product on your patio! Choosing the right stain for your patio is not always obvious. However, the Alis product from Livos stands out from the mass of products. Let's explore why...

The difference of a traditional stain and the Alis product from Livos

The major difference of the Alis stain is that it is a natural oil and is therefore a saturation product. Unlike traditional stains, it does not form a product film because it does not contain any synthetic components that will accumulate on the exterior wood surface. Thus, Alis stain does not crack or peel. Faced with North US winters, the warm / cold differences tend to make the traditional stain film to crack. Once done, degradation of the surface is very fast.

Because Alis stain from Livos is a saturation product, it consumes very little during maintenance. For example, if a surface is be covered with 10L of oil at the first application, the maintenance layers will only take about 4L. This is due to the fact that the sun “burns” only the pigment and it is only necessary that the patio be only refreshed. You thus need to look at the price curve over the long term. Normally, the application of the oil is profitable after 3 years.

The effect of a synthetic versus a natural stain is very different. Generally, synthetic stains have a matte appearance and a plastic finish. In the case of a natural stain, you can see all the richness and the grain of the wood. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here are poles covered with Oregon's Pine ALIS 579 oil and a board covered with a similar colored conventional stain. It can be seen that in the case of conventional stain, the grain is practically completely hidden while it is well shown in the case of natural oil.



Special features specific to ALIS 579 products from Livos

The ALIS 579 product has several features that distinguish it from conventional stains.

A very versatile product!

It can be used on any outdoor wooden surface (terrace, furniture, fence, play module). It is normal to use this product to ensure maintenance every 2 years on horizontal surfaces and once every 5 years on vertical surfaces.

It is also applicable to any type of wood. Inevitably, being an ecological product and an impregnation oil, the wood has to be dry so that the oil can penetrate well and give it a deep protection. In the case of a hemlock surface, it is advisable to follow a few recommendations, but in doing so, the ALIS product is well suited for this type of wood.

For woods like cedar, natural oil based stains in general seem really better because they nourish deeply the wood and do not risk cracking and peeling.

As for treated spruce, because it is a less noble and less resistant type of wood, some conventional stains won’t protect your structure well while they need to be specially treated. ALIS 579 oil will just do that!

Prefer high-end products, especially if you have cedar or exotic wood. Conventional stains will have great difficulty adhering on these types of wood, but not with Alis oils from Livos!

The color you want

Pre-mixed natural stains now exist in 20 different shades. In addition, some of our specialty retailers can develop the color of your choice. It is also possible to create the color of your choice yourselves, because all the colors are inter-mixable with each other. Discover our three new colors (Ashen Willow, Sesame and Sienna).


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 10.39.30 AM.png

Nouvelle couleur Alis.jpg

Ecological and health

The ALIS 579 oil is made from natural ingredients respectful of the health and the environment such as cold pressed linseed oil, tung oil, orange and pine essential oil. You can find the integral composition of all Livos products.

Quick and easy maintenance

Maintenance is simple, easy and fast. Just use the GLOUROS 1806 exterior cleaner and apply a thin layer of ALIS 579 oil and you're done!

Where to buy Alis 579?

ALIS 579 oil is a high-end product sold in specialized retailers and online throughout United States. Just enter your city or postal code to find your nearest retailer.

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