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Which Livos oil should be used to protect exotic wood?

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IPÉ exotic wood is very popular for outdoor terraces and patios but also for flooring. Livos products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. Find out about the right oils for exotic wood in each situation.

What are the features of IPÉ exotic wood?

This type of wood is very stable and its grain is extremely dense. Its durability makes it popular for outdoor projects. Without any protection it can withstand fungi, termites, humidity and bad weather. Its high popularity often leads to illegal trafficking. Make sure to get the FSC certification for this type of wood.


The best product to protect outdoor IPÉ wood

Since IPÉ wood can already withstand humidity, what matters most is to protect it against UV rays so as to keep it good looking for a long time. There is a wide range of outdoor wood stains. This makes choosing the right protection more difficult. In order to protect the colour of your wood surface longer, you have to apply an oil containing pigments. The oil enhances the richness of the grains and the magnificent colors of exotic wood. An oil containing pigments allows you to reduce sanding time and maintenance.


Our products will require the application of a very fine coat every year. The molecules of Livos natural oil and the pigments being very fine, they easily penetrate IPÉ unlike other oils for exotic wood. If we take into account all these elements, we can say that Livos best product for your IPÉ terrace is ALIS 579. This product will keep your outdoor exotic wood in a good condition for several years. When it is about facing harsh winters, ALIS stain clearly stands out from the others.


The best product to protect IPÉ indoor surfaces

Since it is hard to penetrate IPÉ wood pores, a thin oil is the best protection option. Unlike competing oils that protect only the surface, Livos oils for exotic wood are impregnating oils. They are not as viscous as most products found on the market. Viscous one-coat oils must be avoided since they cannot adequately penetrate IPÉ wood.


After several joint tests involving the German manufacturer and Livos Canada research and development ( R&D) crew, we recommend Ardvos 263 for indoor projects using very hard wood such as IPÉ. It penetrates even better than Kunos since it does not contain as much resin and is not as viscous. The grain of exotic woods is so fine that even Kunos 244 can hardly penetrate it. The resin in Kunos 244 tends to stay more at the surface and it takes it a longer time to dry and thus increase the risk of scratches or visible marks.


No matter the IPÉ wood surface (outdoor or indoor), Livos products offer the best protection. Livos oils successfully penetrate the pores of this type of wood unlike many other products. To learn about applying oil on any type of wood -including exotic-, you can participate in a Livos training session.


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