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Why Choose Exotic Wood for Your Backyard Projects?

choose exotic wood

Exotic wood is so beautiful that it is often considered for many projects, including outdoor undertakings. This type of wood is chosen for aesthetics and quality. Let’s see why.

Exotic Wood Characteristics

This visually appealing hardwood can be found around the world, particularly in tropical areas such as Central and South America. As a result, exotic wood is very hard and dense, needing the ability to retain water anytime they can, making it naturally oily.


Exotic hardwoods have a more striking appearance than domestic hardwoods (found in North America) as they have unique grain patterns and colours ranging from deep brown to rich red to light blonde. While exotic wood may cost more than domestic hardwood, it has long-lasting value and presents a welcoming environment whenever you have a get-together. Creating exotic wood furniture for your backyard is one of those DIY projects you will be certain to enjoy as the results can be breathtaking.


Three Advantages of Exotic Wood

Exotic wood is loved for its beauty and durability. Here are three advantages to having them for your next set of DIY home projects.


1. Exotic Wood Will Add Allure to Your Backyard Project

Exotic wood species are often chosen for their grain patterns, colours, and high-quality performance. Not only are the grain patterns unique, but they are close and range from straight to wavy, allowing them to stand out better.


Then when it comes to colours, the names alone speak for themselves. Purple Heart, Brazilian Cherry, and Ebony are just a few of the exotic wood variations that exist, creating an ambiance that will excite your porch or alternate seating area. You can experiment various species, leaving you to choose the pattern you want.


There are various backyard projects you can create with exotic wood, from folding chairs to decks to fences. Colours are warm and enticing, adding a more modern or contemporary look to your surroundings. However, when bringing your backyard creations to life, it’s important to protect them with a Tung oil based product to keep them looking their best.


2. Exotic Wood Will Outlast

 Exotic wood is a high-quality material will have you worrying very little about future damage. This type of wood is strong and made to withstand the elements. One such species is Ipe, a durable South American wood which is denser than most wood types. Furniture made with Ipe wood has strong resistance to weather, insects, and decay, giving it long-lasting strength and appeal. Possibilities of chipping, mould, fungi, and swelling are low with this type of wood.


Treated pine, cedar, and redwood have a shorter shelf life in comparison to exotic hardwood because they can’t hold up under duress as well. After all the hard work you put into your backyard projects, why not get something that stands the test of time? Exotic wood fits the bill. It requires consistent maintenance, but it’s worth the look!


3. Exotic Wood is Ideal for Outdoors

There are several types of exotic wood that are ideal for outdoor exterior carpentry such as teakwood, Moabi and Iroko.


Teakwood, for example, is valued for its elegance and durability while possessing natural properties other woods don’t. This type of wood, mostly found in South East Asia, has an abundance of natural oils and rubber locked into its tight grain. Those oils protect the wood from dry rot, a major issue older wooden furniture has. Plus, that oil and rubber protect the heart of the wood from fungi and parasites, enabling it to last longer and making it ideal for outdoor furniture.


Moabi is an African hardwood species with strong insect resistance, a straight or wavy grain and has colours ranging from pinkish brown (heartwood) to greyish brown (sapwood). Iroko wood is another African hardwood ideal for garden furniture, with an interlocked grain, high rot/insect resistance and colours that darken over time.


These three wood types are ideal. But, they have to be protected with the right product. Tung oil is one such product, offering several benefits including enriching appearance of the wood and offering high resistance against mechanical and chemical stress. Tung oil is also water resistant, adjusts well during summer and winter time, and doesn’t get rancid over time.


Always Make Sure it’s FSC Wood

Always ensure that the wood you select is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) so that they are free from deforestation. FSC certification also prevents the conversion of natural forest areas into plantations or from being used in other non-forest related ways.


Even if exotic wood is more expensive than domestic wood, it’s a good option for a long-term project. Exotic wood will last a long time. Compare stain, oil and paint and discover why it makes sense only to use an oil finish.


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Guest - Hannah on Saturday, 19 January 2019 14:21

Wooded areas are not only beautiful, but they can be ecological wonderlands filled with life.

Wooded areas are not only beautiful, but they can be ecological wonderlands filled with life.
Marc-André, Ph. D on Monday, 21 January 2019 08:33

Yes Hannah. Right on!

Yes Hannah. Right on!
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Monday, 14 October 2019


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