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We have submitted three wood samples protected with Livos oil to multiple staining agents: coffee, ketchup, shoe polish, marker pen, etc. We have also submitted samples protected with a competitor's product to the same tests. The sample strips were examined after 24 hours.

Staining agentsCompetitorLivos
Passed tests (N/A)38
Failed tests (stain)61
Acetone N/A* N/A
Coffee Stain* (blotch*) Very small blotch (1 of 3 samples)
Corn oil Oil deposit N/A
Ethyl alcohol N/A N/A
Grape juice Stain (very apparent blotch) N/A
Ketchup Greasy (2 of 3 samples) N/A
Lysol White blotch Small white blotch
Mild soap White blotch Small white blotch
Nail polish remover Stain (light discoloration) Small blotch
Permanent felt-tip pen Stain (small) N/A
Shoe polish Stain (very apparent blotch) Apparent blotch (2 of 3 samples)
Tea Stain (small) N/A
Water N/A N/A
Wax crayons (blue, red, yellow) Stain from the 3 crayons Stain from the red crayon


*Items marked "N/A" were not affected by the staining agent. Stains were apparent upon visual examination from a distance of 30 centimeters. Blotches were much less apparent. It was possible to observe them by dangling the sample strips in the light (by reflection).

These tests were done by FPInnovations. For more information, the complete report (#4906 ACM) is available on demand.

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