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Here is our FAQ. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us, and a Livos  representative will be glad to help you.


  1. What type of finish do ecological oils produce on wood?

    Natural oils give the wood a smoother satin finish than conventional varnish. However, with our furniture and floor oils, after at least three coats, the surface can be polished to obtain an even higher gloss. Since Livos oils contain more resin than other oil brands, it is easier to obtain that glossy finish.

  2. Is it necessary to do regular surface maintenance?

    It all depends on room use: a living room floor will require more frequent maintenance than a bedroom floor. In general, the refresh frequency varies between one and five years. However, keep in mind that this maintenance is as simple as regular household cleaning.

  3. Is the ecological oil finish as durable as conventional varnish?

    It cannot really be compared because both products do not share the same characteristics.
    Conventional varnish has a very hard surface, but when the top coat is damaged, it cannot be repaired without being totally stripped.
    Oil has a softer surface, but it deeply penetrates the wood. If the surface is damaged, it is simple and easy to repair. You can put a refresh coat on the surface at anytime. Thus, if the surface is well maintained, a floor finished with Livos oil can last forever.

  4. Why is the oil that I applied still sticky? How come it does not dry?

    You should always wipe off any excess before it dries.

  5. We stripped and sanded a varnished floor. Afterward, we refinished it with a tinted oil. Why is the color uneven?

    The sanding was not done properly. If there is still varnish left, the oil is not able to penetrate deeply into the wood. And if the sanding grit is too coarse, the color can be darker in the grooves left by the sanding.

  6. Is KUNOS 244 suitable for veneering?

    Absolutely, unless you are working with a really thin veneer. In that case, the product could react with the glue underneath the layer of veneer. However, we have never received any comments relating to this possible issue.

  7. Why are Livos products ecological?

    The components used in the manufacturing of our products come from natural extracts. Livos does not use any synthetic components. For more information, you can consult the list of raw materials by clicking here.

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