A power top cover


LIVOS oil is distinguished from other products by the fact that it is an impregnating oil, which means that it works inside the structure of the wood and leaves it to breathe. This characteristic gives it two exceptional advantages compared to traditional varnishes: it brings out all the beauty of wood, the finish does not flake, is very resistant to wear and is easily repaired in the event of scratching. You only need to use one product for your entire project since LIVOS oil is both a stain, a sealer and a finishing product. In addition, as it is an intermixable product that can be superimposed in terms of colors, you can let your creativity go to obtain a particular and unique finish that will highlight the character and depth of your wood by giving it relief. exceptional. And unlike varnishes, applying an impregnating oil is within everyone’s reach: user-friendly and easy to handle, you can apply it in any direction and you will get professional results every time.