Do you know Livos Canada? It is a company near Montréal that started its activities in 2004 through Ghislain Lebel, a cabinetmaker from the region. Prior to 2004, Mr. Lebel mainly manufactured AVIVIA kitchen cabinets in St-Séverin de Proulxville near the famous Western Festival of St-Tite.

Disgusted by polyurethanes and other toxic lacquers commonly used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, Mr. Lebel saw that the containers of these hazardous products were accumulating in his factory. Moreover, although the safety rules were strictly respected and the employees were wearing a mask to work, the atmosphere was very harmful and the smell highly unpleasant. One day, Mr. Lebel decided that he no longer wanted to offer his employees this highly carcinogenic environment neither did he wanted those hard to recycle residues.

Purposeful to find the best ecological product for the finishing of his wood kitchen cabinets, Mr. Lebel began to test them all! At first, the products he tried did not meet his expectations. Some did not have a nice finish, others were so dull that it looked like no finish was covering its kitchen cabinets at all. Some products were very difficult to apply and others did not have good resistance. After several months of research, he discovered the company Livos, a linseed oil-based wood product manufacturer.

Livos cold presses flax seeds directly, making it a completely natural saturating oil without any chemical extraction. On top of being easy to apply and having a nice smell, Mr. Lebel was amazed by another aspect of Livos oils ... its impressive covering power.


That leads me to a question. What is the most important, the cost of the product per volume or square foot? Take time to calculate! How many litres of product will you need to complete your project? A question rather difficult to answer like that on top of your head! You will have to start with the dimensions of the surface to be covered. Then you will need to know the covering power of your product. Very often, we only inquires about the value of one container per litre. If, for example, an "A" product is twice as expensive as a "B" product, but the product "A" is three times more covering than the product "B", which of the two products will you buy?

Product "A" is 2x more expensive, but 3x more covering than product "B"

Naturally, we would be tempted to buy product "B" that would have a value of $ 50 rather than product "A" at $ 100 if the two containers are the same size. However, if the total cost of your project with product "A" is $ 100, the cost of your project with product "B" will be $ 150 because you will need to purchase 3 containers of product "B". At the end of the day, it saves you money to calculate. You will have more in terms of quantity and quality for your money!

In general, a 2.5L container of KUNOS 244 - Universal Hard Oil will cover approximately 425 sq. ft. considering the application of 3 coats. It is important to put 3 coats on the horizontal surfaces and at least 2 on the vertical surfaces although we recommend putting 3 coats everywhere. With the first coat, wood pores will be saturated with an average of 72% linseed oil, acting as a protective finish. A second layer will add up 20% more saturation to the wood for a total of 92% of the pores saturated with linseed oil. The addition of a second coat of a linseed oil saturating product thus improves the protection of the surface and makes it much more durable.

After a few months of use, LIVOS Canada became the main buyer of LIVOS products in Canada, using them exclusively for all its wood finishes. Other cabinetmakers then began to turn to LIVOS products and subsequently several dealers. Today, LIVOS Canada distributes in more than 100 points of sale throughout Canada and in the United States.

Your are tired of working with toxic fumes during the finishing of your wooden project or are simply looking for an eco-friendly product, respectful of the environment? Download our ultimate expert’s guide for a perfect restoration of your indoor wooden surfaces.

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