Unique rocking chair that can be left for future generations – designed by Max Poisson

The cherry tree is one of the most precious woods in North America. It stands out for its very rich and inimitable color. Over time, the cherry tree eventually darkens and becomes richer. Its contrast with bubinga makes it a chair that has a unique style. Its design relies on two important elements: solidity and ergonomics. Its stylized headrest allows the user to rest while rocking. Its design based on the Boston rocking chair can harmonize perfectly with modern or traditional decor. No screws are used in the assembly of this wooden rocking chair. All assemblies are designed to stand the test of time and to do the work they will have to accomplish. It takes more than 45 hours to shape such a rocking chair. The basic material, wood, is raw and must be planed and planed in order to bring out the natural beauty of the wood that composes it. Each rocking chair is meticulously calibrated to offer a smooth and fluid back and forth movement. The finish acts as a color and texture enhancer. It is a unique rocking chair that can be left for future generations. Construction: ergonomic soft and fluid rocking Hard oil finish Livos.

Teak end table

The teak end table is versatile and unique, handcrafted. This unique slatted table is made from Thai teak and finished with Livos oak oil to protect it from the elements and give it a beautiful natural color.